I hope you have enjoyed playing around with different samples of fray and cut work.  Now starts the fun stuff – adding embellishments – add your own personal touch and in the process learn various embellishing techniques.

What is an embellishment – Dictionary.com defines an embellishment as 

[em-bel-ish-muh nt] – an ornament or decoration

So an embellishment can be anything that you think is quirky, pretty, stunning or attractive.   It is what makes your bag your own.  It could be buttons, beads, string, shells, stitched patterns.  It can be anything you like.

When I add embellishments to my samples there are some things to keep in mind 

  • Don’t sew on anything to close to the edges as you don’t want to be sewing over buttons and beads with your sewing machine later on.
  • Keep it minimalistic – you can always add on later
  • Consider your overall colour scheme – it is nicer to use only one to three colours to keep things balanced and harmonious.
  • Use strong cotton thread and a fine needle that will go through the holes of the beads when hand sewing
  • And remember an embellishment is an ornament or decoration.   Dont over do it.

Let’s start with sewing on some beads.  Have a look at one of your samples and decide where a bit of beading would look great.  Do you have an idea that jumps out at you?  For this tutorial we will keep things simple and just hand sew on some beads and maybe a trinket or two.

Sewing beads to the edge of the sample

I have used an online supplier (based in China) to purchase beads and buttons from in the past.  The arrival of the beads is a bit slower than walking into your local craft shop – but they have such a huge selection at super affordable prices.  Check them out here 

I hope you are enjoying this so far.   Leave a comment if you need some clarification or would like to know more.


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