A “What Knots” bag is exactly what its called –

                   A bag that is made up of all sorts of – What Knots!

  • There are pockets galore, inside and out
  • Some bags have zippered compartments – others don’t
  • Each bag is made with awesome embellishments and techniques
  • The bag is totally unique – there will never ever be 2 bags identical
  • Every “What Knots” bag is a true piece of ART
  • A lot of love and attention to detail goes into every bag

History of the “What Knots” bag

The “What Knots” bag started when I, in my weaver mode, was looking to weave a kitchen rug from old jeans. I started to cut up jeans I had saved as my daughters grew up – using only the fabric from the legs. I could see the waste of not using the left overs – the seams, cuffs, pockets, zips, waistbands, buttons and domes. I had to find a use for them, my sewing mind kicked in and the inspiration for the “What Knots” bag was created.

Digging deep into my skill base and using my creative mind, I began by making panels. Small samples of various techniques – cutwork, embellishing, crochet, embroidery, quilting and basic sewing, which, when added together, became the “What Knots” bag.

Where do I find my supplies

My “go to” is the local Salvation Army Opportunity Shop or any local Op Shop in any town I travel to.  I’m in there searching for interesting old jeans, buttons, beads, buckles and anything I can rescue and recycle to add to my “What Knots” bags – The quirkier the better.

Look around your home. Things you or your family have grown out of – old jewellery, trinkets, belts and other paraphernalia.  Open your eyes to what you can use – even a shoelace that has lost his friend is usable.

I also purchase beads, buttons, lace and other nik naks from my local hobby shop or online.  

Start collecting items you find, things that can be sewn on and begin building up your collection of embellishments.

So, are you going to join me in the process of making you’re own “What Knots” Bag?

Jump on board – follow my tutorials. Join up with my newsletter and keep informed as we progress through various techniques to learn how to make your own “What Knots” Bag.

As I build on my website, I will offer more and more knowledge. What tips and techniques to use. The best way to deconstruct a pair of jeans with the least amount of waste.

I will give you advice on the best way to undertake your project and if you are interested,  I will have patterns available for you to purchase to give you a starting point for your bag.

Welcome to my website.  I look forward to working with you to produce your own “What Knots” bag.


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  • Hi Paula, what a truly genius idea to come up with, I absolutely love it! In fact, I am determined to follow your tutorials and make my own as I have so much old stuff that I have never thrown away. The best thing about your idea is that you can give a new lease of life to things that have sentimental value and use them for something that you can use every day.

    Especially I would love to have all those pockets as you can never get enough of those on a bag. Especially of you’re a girl like me who likes to drag all her make up about with her.

    Thank you so much for your inspiring idea 🙂

    • Hi Stefanie. – Thank you and would love to have you work alongside me as I add tutorials. Your comments and photos as we travel along the journey would be gratefully appreciated. Since i started to make these bags – friends and family are now giving me all their old jeans, jackets, bags (so i can remove hardware) etc. The concept is snowballing and those who have received one of my bags – absolutely love them.

  • Derek Marshall

    Hi there, thank you kindly for creating and sharing your genius ideas and experiences with us all.

    I really like the idea of creating a “what knots” bag of my own…even though it might take me a while (with my own used clothes) given my short legs and all!. Do you a design, or plan that I can download or buy?

    • admin

      Thank you Derek.  Welcome aboard.  At this stage i am not planning on selling anything.   The “What Knots” bag project – is my way to learn how to build a website.  It is my passion to share my knowledge.  Tutorials will come on a regular basis and if you work on these in small samples – I will show you at the end how to put it all together to make your own bag.  It won’t matter if you plan to make a travelling bag, handbag, slouch bag or even a tote bag.   The techniques are the same – Please keep in touch – until I figure out how to set up a Contact list. 


  • I love the concept and the name of the bag. Very creative and looks wonderful in your picture. Just a suggestion, you might want to remove all the places that say “type to add content,” or “paragraph” in the article.

    • Hi Mariah
      Thank you for your comments – Thank you also for the suggestion. I have gone into my website incognito – and I dont see the ‘type to add content’ etc – Thanks for the heads up. I will check into this further.

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